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Caring for your fur coat

With proper care, your fur coat could last for decades. Just follow these simple fur coat care tips:

Fur Coat Cleaning and Repairs:

  • Fur coat repairs should be performed only by a professional furrier.
  • Be sure to mend small tears in your fur coat promptly to avoid costly repairs later.
  • Have your fur coat cleaned and conditioned annually by a specialized furrier (not a regular dry cleaner) to prevent damage from dirt and pollution.

Fur Coat Storage:
  • In season, always store your fur coat in a cool, dry place.
  • Never store your fur coat in a plastic bag, cedar chest or freezer.
  • Avoid crushing by not hanging your fur coat too close to other garments.
  • Never expose your fur coat to direct sunlight or place it near a heat source.
  • During the warmer months, store your fur coat in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment

Fur Coat Maintenance:
  • If your fur coat gets wet, shake off excess water, hang to air dry on a sturdy hanger and shake out again when dry.

  • If your fur coat gets soaked, take it to a fur care specialist for prompt professional treatment.

  • To reduce stress on your fur coat, unfasten all buttons when traveling.

  • Avoid carrying heavy handbags or wearing sharp jewelry, which could damage your fur coat.
Have questions about caring for your fur coat? Please contact us. We’re always happy to provide expert advice on how to keep your fur coat looking new.

To locate the fur coat care specialist nearest you, please click here.

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